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Can''t start wildfire or tomcat

i have installed mysql5.0 tomcat5.5 and wildfire2.6 on redhat9.0

and deplyed all them.

but if i start wildfire first,then tomcat can’'t start,wildfire goes well.

if i start tomcat first,then wildfire can’'t start,tomcat goes well.

thanks for help

Welcome yinowl,

did you install the wildfire.war file and[/b] the standalone version?

You should run either one or the other but not both as they try to bind to ports 5222, 5223,5269 and 7777 - so only one installation can be running unless you change the IP addresses or the ports Wildfire uses.


thank u for help.

No,i just installed the standalone version

i installed wildfire by RPM

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so there are some more options:

a) Tomcat uses port 9090 or port 9091 (I don’'t think that this is the case)

b) you have little memory and get an outofmemory error during startup

c) something else

Could you please look in the Tomcat and Wildfire logs for the error you get and post it here?