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Can't stay logged into admin console

I keep getting kicked every few minutes, I can log back in fine, but it’s awfully annoying.

Any ideas? I’ve tried changing the config on the web.xml for the admin directory, also added xmpp.client.idle

xmpp.client.idle property has nothing to do with Admin console session. Usually it kicks out admin after some time of idle (5-10 minutes i think). Are you doing anything in Admin Console for these 2 minutes before being kicked out?

Nope, I’ll move to another tab, do some work, come back and I’m logged out, it’s quite annoying.

What browser? I’ve never seen such behavior (WinXP SP3, Firefox 3.6.3). Also, if you are using Firefox, maybe some special add-on can cause this. Maybe you should run it with default profile and see what happens.

I’m running Chrome, but I’ll install Firefox and see if it’s a browser related issue.