Can''t transfer file accross different networks

Hi, below is a description of my network:

I have several office units in a business center, each office unit has its own public IP address, Proxy Server, etc. For example office unit A have a public address of and LAN address of and office unit B have a public address of and LAN address of In each unit, the LAN is connect to a Proxy Server and then to ADSL modem and to the Internet.

Now my problem is I can transfer file from one of the machine in office unit A to another user that login to PSI from the Proxy Server of office unit B, but not to any machine in LAN of office unit B. I did a port forwarding in the ADSL modem, and already open the port in the firewall in Proxy Server also.

Anyway have any idea about this problem?


The simplest solution would be to use Spark as your client. Spark is very good at file transfer failover and will even send files in-band if all else fails. I’'m not sure what type of file transfers that PSI supports.



You will need to configure each client manually to use the file transfer proxy on Wildfire if you want to use PSI. The setting is part of the connection settings.