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Can''t use conference when user click for uses it

Please help me.

Now i had install jive-messenger yet.It work ! but when user click make own conference or uses conference on server it doesn’'t active.Please explain me

Hey cupid,

We are going to need more information in order to understand what’'s going on and give you a more exact solution. Information that can be of help: server version, clients that you are using, your server name, conference service name and XML packets being sent and received from your clients.

My very first guess is that your logged user is not using the correct conference service address. For instance, if your server name is example.com[/b] then the default conference service address will be conference.example.com[/b]. That means that when joining or creating a new room you need to use conference.example.com[/b] instead of example.com[/b].

I don’'t know which client are you using but from Exodus you can press F12 to open the debug window and get the XML packets that you are sending and receiving when joining a room.


– Gato

Thank dombiak_gaston

Best regrads for help me;Detail is I installed Jive Messenger 2.2.2 server and use jajc for client.I can to connect server and use it very well but when i want to use groupchat/conference it occur my program had search this service until not finish.It conference name is correct not wrong.

Please suggest me or step to step for me.Best regrads.

Try some other clients then (Exodus, Psi) to make sure this is an JAJC issue. But JAJC should work fine. Tell us step-by-step how are you connecting to groupchat.