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Can''t use my login to use jabber

Well, i install Wildfire 2.5.0 and Spark 1.1.1 in same computer, so, i create one user and i can’'t make login.

the spark told me “invalid username or password” , i try all ports (5269,5222and 5223), and all ip’'s from computer (, 192.168.x.x. and adsl ip) and nothing.

what i need to do???

Hi vece,

hard to tell. Try a username and a password with ASCII characters (A-Za-z0-9), there could be some unicode problems depending on the database you are using.

Check your xmpp.domain[/b] on and make sure that you can ping/lookup this name, it could match your computer name. Or create a new line in your hosts file (Win2000: C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts , Unix /etc/hosts) like: jabber.myhost if your xmpp.domain[/b] matches jabber.myhost

For Spark use port 5222 (and SASL), no SSL (port 5223) and the name of your jabber server.