Captcha in webform registration - does anyone else want that too?

Hi there,

i would love to see a webform registration with captcha within the next openfire realeases. Are there any plans to implement that one?


Can you suggest some free captcha engine? Probably something related to Java or jsp, i think.

I’ve added OF-43 with a patch that uses the free reCAPTCHA service. If you want to test the new implementation use the attached plugin and replace your registration plugin. You have to create a account on reCAPTCHA to get your public and private key.
registration.jar (26712 Bytes)

Sorry, the order of my previous post was mixed, I don’t know why and I can’t fix it, sorry

hey, the first google results are here and here.

useful? maybe you can open up a ticket if there isn’t one yet?

I think Guenther already has created the ticket and added the support

I’ve committed support for recaptcha tests to the trunk, so it should be included in the next release.


thanks! I’m looking forward til the next release. Any info on its release date?

How funny… Initially I had 3.7.0 beta (on FreeBSD from ports) installed and there was reCAPTCHA support implemented, tested and was working. For some reason I had to move back to 3.6.4 and spent last hour looking for it. Now I know… it wasn’t 3.6.4

I will test with above plugin from you. Thanks.

Just completed successfully testing of Registration plugin ver. 1.4.3 with Openfire 3.6.4, so far no issues.

Hey, you managed to use the plugin from @Guenther Niess succsessfully with OF 3.6.4? I remember trying it back in 2009 and failed for reasons i do not remember any more…

Mabe i’ll give it another shot.

Yep, and works a treat

Well i just tried it again with no effect. am i missing smth.?

  • delete old version

  • upload new version

  • everything is the same… no recaptcha?

pretty sure its the new version 1.4.3, readme says also :slight_smile:

will there be an extra field in system settings to put my recaptcha key?

Yes, once you fill your keys it will show up

…slipped mouse before giving you location:

Users/Groups > Registratioin Properties > Registration Settings

Ah there we go! I only looked at Server > Serversettings > Registration

Anyway it works like a charm!

First of mentioned locations contains server-related settings, the other one is for the plugin itself. It may be misleading all right. I think configuration for plugins should be kept on the PLUGIN tab, i.e. by having link on the list of installed plugins page, near reload/uninstall plugin.

You’re right. That still confuses me. But i dont think its going to change… maybe with 3.8? :slight_smile: