Capturing chat logs

I need to be able to capture and store chat conversations between users on the server so I can get to them if needed. Doing this in our old IM server (Dbabble) was difficult and time consuming because it just created a giant log file with no real formatting.Does the monitoring.jar plugin accomplish this and is it more than just a big, ugly log file?

I also found a plugin called Open Archive that states it captures the chats but makes reference to a better tool that was available through the purchase of the Openfire enterprise package. Since the enterprise package is no longer available I’m wondering if the monitoring.jar is the tool from the enterprise package or if it is available somewhere.

I think you will find the monitoring tool more than fufills your needs. Be sure to install it and check it out.

Thsi plugin is great, I hope the ad the feature to be able to purge/delete any chat logs that don’t need to be kept in the next release. Our log file is slowly growing, I don’t want it to get too large.