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Cdata in vcard mapping

I read in an earlier thread (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/184865#184865) that the cdata wrapping is no longer needed on the vcard-mapping attribute… is that true?

Also, there are a bunch of
elements in mine, should I get rid of those or keep them?

also afrer editing ldap.vcard-mapping property in web admin console it posts with
and twiсe, but fist time without first string… Text formatting drops into one string or something another, but not a posted formatting.

After installation vcard works fine, but after editing with correct settings - vcard mapping stops working.

Helps only new clean installation of OF.

I use internal database and can’t edit this property in directly database without web admin form.

I think that is web admin form bug in OF 3.6.3


I think what you said was correct, given that my interpretation that follows is correct:

You have to edit the field directly in the database, because the web admin form in 3.6.3 adds in the
lines that are completely unnecessary.

if you are copying a vcard setting from a text file any line breaks are interpreted as
. enter the vcard settings as on long continuous string like this:

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{disp layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</P HOTO>{homePostalAddress}{ postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{post alCode}{c}{homePhone}</NU MBER>{telephoneNumber}{mobile}{pager}</NU MBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}


i’ve solved my problem this way: post in one string without old first tag… like this:

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{sn} {givenName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}{homePostalAddress}{postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{ postalCode}{c}{homePhone} {telephoneNumber} {mobile}{pager} {facsimileTelephoneNumber}</TE L>{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}

gee so glad you did exactly what I said above and it worked.