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Centrally managed roster

is there a way for me to create a standard roster that i can simply deploy to my users that have all other users (at my discression)?

Yes. You can use the “Shared group” feature.

You must create a group that includes all the desired users. Let’'s callit MY-SHARED-GROUP.

Then you go in the admin console -> Users/Groups -> Group Summary

Select MY_SHARED_GROUP and then select “Enable contact list group sharing” and choose a group name that will be used in the users’’ rosters.

Apply, wait for it to complete and when your users login again they should have it in their roster. Please note that the “wait for it to complete” step can take a long time. In my experience if the group contains 500-1000 users, expect 1-2 HOURS!

Hope this helps,


avitrac wrote:

Yes. You can use the “Shared group” feature.

Just have to mention that this has to be done in Wildfire server settings. Not with Spark alone

Thanks a ton guys - it was perfect!

I have a poblem using this group feature, when connected to Active Directory.

I have created the group in the AD, and added users to it, but wildfire ses that there are no users in the group.

Any ideas?

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Your question is about Wildfire. This is not the right place to ask about this.

try there: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=40