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Change default install directory?

Hi guys. Quick question: I’m making my own installer forSpark, but it keeps installing to the Program Files directory and I need it togo to the Program Files (x86) directory. I feel like I’ve gone through everyxml/property file in the tree looking for this. I’m using JDK7, and an SVN Idownloaded yesterday. I’ve got the source, successful build, successful exe,and successful silent msi, I just can’t get the default directory right. I’m using notepad++ to edit the files, and Eclipse for the SVN and build work. I’m using Izpack to create the executable jar, and Launch4J to make it an exe. All I need to do is make it install to the x86 directory. Any idea which file has the right parts I need to edit?

Most of my process has been in following along with:


And something similar to this, except using Eclipse for theIzpack: