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Change drive references to URL


I’m not certain this is the proper place for this post, if not please let me know where I should post.

My users would like to be able to copy/paste filenames in IMs and have them show up as hyperlinks.

For example: User1 wants User2 to open a certain file. So they type ‘F:\Directory\Filename.dwg’ into the spark IM window. Currently that won’t show up as a hyperlink. If they type ‘file://F:\Directory\Filename.dwg’ it does.

Is there a way on the server that I can automagically replace ‘:<anything>’ with ‘file://:<anything>’?


This is a client feature. Are you using Spark? Spark will convert to hyperlink also \sharename\filename . Though maybe not in the current version, but it does so in the SVN version (current source code). It doesnt convert local paths to hyperlinks as it’s not common or a standard to do this. Well, this can be a feature request if you are using Spark. So you should move this thread to Spark Support forum.