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Change information in Yahoo!


How to change the information in Yahoo! when we use IM Transport?

as we know, if we use this IM Gateway as transport then Yahoo! will show information to other Yahoo! contact s that we use Old version: “Hekaku is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable”

I was tried to looking for within IM Gateway code in order to change information to be like: “Hekaku is using Wildfire IM Gateway Messenger and certain features may be unavailable”

Kindly advice how to do that?

Thank you,

That string is probably generated on the other client’'s side (or serverside).

thank’'s for your prompt reply. I agree with you that this information is STRING generated by Yahoo! server, I think we can send the String paramater information to Yahoo! server.

some body know about this?

thank you

I actually don’‘t think it is generated by the Yahoo server itself. Generally most protocols (I think this applies to Yahoo as well) have their clients more or less publish what capabilites they have. I would expect that we are advertising that say… lets say it’‘s file transfer. We might not be advertising that we support file transfer and so the real Yahoo client on the other end is saying "hrm, this guy doesn’‘t support file transfer, must be an older version". In other words, I believe it is the -other- person’'s client that displays this message. Not generated directly by the server.

The Yahoo protocol is the one I’‘m the least familiar with of all of the supported protocols. I’'ve never doven into the details of it.