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Change JID

Our Openfire installation get its users from Active Directory.

Currently, JIDs show up as: user@chat.domain.tld

Is there a way to change this to: user@domain.tld

I have tried changing the “xmpp.domain” property, but that blows up the server.


one can change the “xmpp.domain” but one should do this while Openfire is not running. Make a text (UTF8) export of the database and replace “chat.domain.tld” with “domain.tld” everywhere and import it again. Then start Openfire and it should work fine.


Before posting, I tried shutting the server down and changing “xmpp.domain” and “admin.authorizedJIDs” but couldn’t sign in when restarting. Your method worked.

However, I am now having a problem with “conferences.domain.tld” not existing causing group chats to not work.

I am thinking that there’s no way of doing this with out having to change DNS records?


you may create a new DNS record and keep the old one as long as you tests things.