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Change language without OS system

Hello folks,

My problem is: I need use Spark in Portuguese, but the OS need be in english. In spark menu, I can change some language independent of the OS language, however in that menu doesnt have Portuguese. Is there any possibility use Spark in Portuguese and OS in English.

Someone has to submit Portuguese translation and then it will be added to Spark. Though it’s not known when the next Spark release will be. So if you need it badly, you can compile your own Spark version with the Portuguese translation included.

thanks, wroot

Spark already work in portuguese if the region settings in windows are settled in portuguese, but the problem is: if I change the region settings in windows to english, spark work in english.

At my work, I need to use windows with region settings in english, because there are some softwares that only work if windows is in english. However I need Spark in portuguese for the users.

Is any ideia to keep spark in portuguese and windows settled in english in region settings.

I see. I’ve never seen this bug before as i’m using English all the time. Filed it as SPARK-1058. Can’t do anything else about that.

Correction. This is happening not with all languages. Just with the languages that have double named language file.


You can open spark.jar (see the path above) with say 7-zip, rename Portuguese file to spark_i18n_pt.properties, then save the file (7-zip does this automatically). Then you should be able to select Portuguese language. Works for me. You can then copy edited spark.jar to all users Program Files\Spark\lib folder.

Wroot, I’am so grateful. It really work very well. Thanks a lot and I hope it can help others people.

Best Regards,