Change main title of Conference Rooms list

Hello everyone,

If I go to conference room by click "Actions > “Join a Conference Room”, then I can see “Public Chatrooms” as a main title of conference rooms list. Is there any one who knows how I can change the main title name?

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That looks to me like a client issue, not Wildfire. You might want to find the solution from your client’‘s forum. “Public Chatrooms” title doesn’'t show in Spark and Gaim. In Exodus, it shows “Public Chatrooms” as an icon in Jabber Browser window. What client are you using anyway?


I am using Soap Box as client. But If I use ejabbered with this client program, I can see other main titles of conference rooms list. That is why I thought this is Wildfire issue. Is there any idea?

Oh! I see what you mean

The “Public Chatrooms” is actually the name of the MUC service. The name is returned in the reply to disco#info:

That name is hardcoded in Wildfire source. I think if you want to have a different name, you’'ll have to edit file MultiUserChatServerImpl. java somewhere in line 935.

This looks like a bug. At the very least, the disco name should be internationalized, probably based on the language preference of the client. We could also let it be overridden using a Jive property. I filed this as JM-826.