Change nick in sparkweb MUC

Hi, we are using loginnames from our AD and this give use login names that are three characters. These are the names shown in sparkweb MUC, which is quite useless. So is it possinble to change the nick used? Will sparkweb use the Nick in the profile if it exists or will it always stick to the username.

To get it usable for MUC it needs to use the name or let the user set the nick… so is this possible in any way or is it planed in an upcomming release?


Sparkweb rosters should look the same as rostes in spark client. this could be an issue with your openfire vCard Mappings and other settings. you can adjust them by editing the openfire.xml file. unfortunately there is no way to get it 100% correct via the admin interface for openfire. I have attached a sample openfire.xml configured for AD.
openfire.xml (4131 Bytes)

In spartweb 0.9 the nick in MUC will always be the username it seems. With spark I get the nickname or fullname from the vcard (Don’t know which since I use the same for both).

So I guess this is a bug in Sparkweb?

Also it would be great if you could set the nick when you enter a room or in the bookmark for a room… using the AD nick would be ok, but since you cant change that from sparkweb it would be better if that could be overriden in some way.

Also to support /nick from within muc would be nice.