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Change roster web app

I have installed the Open fire server and I’m trying to create a small web app to enable users roster add/edit, user add/edit. I have succeded to configure open fire to use my external database using the custom database intergration tutorial. I have the problem to add/edit the user roster. One way it might be to edit the open fire database directly but unfortunalely the custom data entered in the database isn’t refreshed until the server reboot. Please tell me how can I intergrate the user roster add edit in a PHP aplication using an external database or editing the openfire database.

Thnks in advance.

I have succeded to reduce the refresh time adding this setting in the system properties: (please note that all values are in miliseconds)

cache.group.maxLifetime = 100

cache.userCache.maxLifetime = 100

cache.userGroup.maxLifetime = 100

cache.username2roster.maxLifetime = 100

Hi creaminds,

I’m trying to do exactly the same thing as you, and I’m planning to do

it by sending jabber msgs to the server. You can use jabberclass


to send the jabber msgs. The only problem is: the user must be

authenticated on the IM server. You can do so by asking the user to

enter his/her IM credentials (and then use jabberclass to

authenticate), but I would like that as soon as s/he is authenticated

on the web site s/he’s also authenticated on the IM server. If your web

site is only an online jabber client, that’s fine. But in my case it’s

a virtual community, and we support cookies based authentication, and we keep our users’ pwd hashed with MD5. I

haven’t found an workaround yet.

Hope this piece of info helps you!

Thnak you so much for your anser. I will try to use the class that you specify. I’m trying to use this in a php comunity website too. Regarding the password problem I do also keep the users password encrypted in database but I’m using the hash algorithm with a hash key. Doing so I do can retrieve the user credidential and add or remove users from roster. I will try this and if I succed I will let you know.