Change server name

I see this question was asked before but several years ago.

We are having trouble with our current openfire server, Windows 2003 Openfire 3.7.1. We decided to build a new server on linux Openfire 3.9.3. I got everything set up and tested. We are ready to move to the new server. I need to change the server name on the new server to match the old one. The server name on the new server is set to the linux hostname.

I did this, and now I can’t log into the server on any of my admin accounts. How do I rescue this on a Mac?

I have deleted rajesh reply as it was a really bad advice. By changing server name in there it brakes server functionality.

You can stop Openfire, edit openfire/conf/openfire.xml and change the setup tag at the bottom to its opposite (true if false or vice versa). Then run the openfire and repeat the setup. This time you can try giving it other name. Database information should be intact.