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Change Spark user Log files location

Has anyone changed the default location of the user log files for Spark. We use Roaming profiles and Redirected folders to allow user to login their machines. Is there any way to have Spark save the log files in

“C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Spark”

instead of

“C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Spark”

There is already a support ticket created to have this changed for a future release of spark. Not the answer you wanted i know. The mac version suffers the same plight.

Thanks anyway. Is there anyway to check when will this fature be incuded in the latest version of Spark.

The difficulty lies in relocating the existing configurations from older versions to a new location with no loss of data.

What do you mean without loss of data? If it was possible to change the location where the log files are read from, you can select any folder on your machine to be set as log files storage. Is the location of the default log files folder hardcoded in the log files themselves?

It is hardcoded into the client. Loss of data means that when the new version of spark is installed it does not lose your saved settings, logs, history, etc. There is a lot of data saved in the Spark folder for each user profile.