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Change the display of the JID in the Spark client

Help Council. The Openfire server is integrated with Active Directory. The Spark client displays in the contacts list, the display name, but if you hover your mouse cursor is shown JID:username@xmppserver.the domain I want to replace with the display name. You should also replace THE jid mapping in THE vcard properties.

This line in the source is responsible for showing full JID in this popup https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/blob/master/core/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/spark/ui/ContactInfoWindow.java#L118
There is no setting to change that. You would have to remove or comment that line and compile your own version of Spark. You can also disable this popup in Preferences > Appearance.

Thank you for the tip, but I did not understand how to fix it. I’m unpacking my Spark new 1 package.MSI" using xml2msi (Spark version 2.8.3). Open the directory with 7-zip and looking for C:\xml2msi\Sparknew1\spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\spark\ui, but there is no ContactInfoWindow file.java, there is only ContactInfoWindow$1.class and ContactInfoWindow.class. 118 the line with the contents of the I also found. What am I doing wrong?

You can’t fix it by changing already compiled binaries (classes), this has to be done in original source files (java), which are then compiled into binary files. You will need some programming/development knowledge for that. I can’t help more as i have limited experience with that myself.

Thank you for help