Change the FastPath Webchat "Live Chat" Icon


I just inserted the script tag and HTML code required to show the FastPath Webchat icon on my company’s website, but since the design looks completely off, i’d like to change the image of the Live Chat button. I have been unable to find it, even after replacing the /opt/openfire/plugins/fastpath/web/images/online.gif… and i also tried looking in /opt/openfire/plugins/webchat/images…

How can i change the Live Chat button’s image? I replaced a file that looks exactly like it, restarted, and it’s still showing the original icon.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance,

Gonzalo Escarra

Each individually configure fastpath workgroup can have its own individual icons configured via the openfire admin website. Click on the fastpath link then click the workgroup and then the images link.

Thanks Todd! That was exactly what i needed, and easier than i expected.