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Change Username in LDAP

I would like to change username for all users in LDAP (Active Directory) but I tested changing username and log in with new username, all my partners (Friend) loss away. Does anyone have any solution to automatically change partner lists?


you need to edit the rosters, changing the JID is never a good idea. Espeicially if you have subscriptions with users from other servers.

So you may want to modify the rosters within the database if you really need to change the JID.


Openfire cannot change LDAP information. You need to make any changes in AD that you want to show in Openfire. You could also change the vcard mappings to point to different fields in LDAP. Here is a doc I created for vCard mappings for AD: vCard Mappings for Active Directory

Thank you for your answer. I’ll be trying your solution and update again.