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Change Username


I’'m running the Wildfire server in parallel with a list of users in another database.

I need the possibility to update a username in my database and so in Wildfire database too.

I was thinking to update username directly in database but it’'s the primary key. Is there any script to automate modification of username in all the tables of database?

Thanks !



would be the JDBCAuthProvider an option for you?

A recent post of the usage is here http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20063 - maybe there’'s also a manual somewhere available.

So you don’'t need to sync the usernames and passwords “manually” with a script.


Hi it2000,

Excuse me I precise my request.

Imagine i have created an account named “lambda”.

“lambda” is the primary key for the JiveUser table and is used as foreign key in linked table.

I need to change “lambda” in the JiveUser table by “alpha” maybe directly in the database. So this value (“alpha”) must be spread in the linked tables.

Have you an idea to make this changes?




this seems to be more confusing. Wildfire does not use foreign keys so I wonder what you did and what a linked table is.

Do you have two completely separate databases or did you create something like a database link and a view to access the jiveuser table?