Change Windows Server


which is procedure for change windows server of the openfire?

The currente server is Windows 2008 R2, the new server is Windows Server 2012 R2. In the two servers, the database is SQL Server.

I’ve tried some procedures without success:

  • To back up the SQL server and restore the current to the new server and copy the old folder to the new or copied only openfire.xml file.

I made several attempts, all unsuccessful.

Can someone help me?

Are you running the SQL instance on the same server as Openfire?

Yes, SQL instance and server as openfire on the same server.

1, In your current Openfire installation: Change your DB connection string to access the DB using LOCALHOST as opposed to machine name or server name.

2, Shutdown Openfire on old machine.

3, On your new server: Install Openfire to the same folder location as on older machine.

4, Run Openfire once and then shutdown on new machine.

5, Copy the old X:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire folder from the old instance over the same folder on the new machine.

6a, Detach the DB on the old instance.

6b, Copy MDF and LDF files to new server.

6c, Attach files on new server.

7, Launch Openfire on the new server.

At this point you can change your Openfire settings not to use LOCALHOST and instead using the name of your choice if preferred.

I have used that same procedure when I moved my Openfire installation previously.

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Hello, grateful.

I’m entering the incorrect path of the base DN. All my users openfire are in an OU, but I do not inserted in the path of the base DN, after entering, it worked.