Changed server name and computer name, cannot log on anymore

On a Windows 2003 server with latest Openfire, embedded db, I’ve changed the server computer name and the server name on the properties of Openfire, on web interface. From now on, I cannot logon anymore.

How to proceed to logon again? Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards.

Just to give some more details: the system was restarted, and admin account does not accept the previous password anymore.

I would like to report that I’ve got the admin login working again by stopping service, editing openfire.script and replacing all occurences of the old server name with new server name.

Since I did not found any solution to this issue, I would like to know if this procedure is correct and could be used by others without risks.

I think that I’ve answered my own question , so please someone else could confirm this?

Hi Tyler,

the xmpp.domain is the value which one need to change everywhere in the database (embedded-db/openfire.*). The local computer name (hostname) is not involved there.


Tried that before, without success. Web admin interface wasn’t accepting user/pass. Only after replacing all old server name I’ve got it to work again.