Changed Wildfire server name; can''t login to admin console


I’'m new to Wildfire, so please pardon the question.

I changed the server name in the admin console not thinking of the ramifications this might have. Now, I can’'t access the console and no users can connect.

Is there a way to change the server name back w/out reinstalling? I’'ve searched the forum but was unable to find anyone who has done something as foolish as I did

Thanks in advance.

Hey jalan,

If your server name was and you change it to then after restarting the server you should still be able to connect to To connect to the 9091 port you will need to regenerate your certificates so they are valid for the new domain.

Having said that, you can revert the change from the database. The domain is stored in the jiveProperty table so you can update the value manually.


– Gato


Thanks for the quick response. I’'m sure your advice is spot-on, however, it is a bit over my head.

If it isn’'t too much trouble, can you walk me through?

I apologize for the hassle…

Can I just edit the wildfire.script file?

Sure. That would work. Remember to stop the server before doing the change.

– Gato