Changes in beta 0.6 issue

I believe that a change made to the gateway has caused my jabber client to stop displaying messages from everyone.

When messages come in from people my jabber client writes them to a log file before displaying on the screen. (Found this out when I ran off a full usb drive.) The file name that the client uses is the exact name of the jid such as With the escaping of the % character the client is now trying to write \40 into the filename which is not allowed. I can no longer see the messages I receive using this client.

I’'d rather not disable chat logging or switch clients as I have over 3 years of chat logs here. Is there anyway of changing this back?

The client I’'m using is jajc -


Well, I mean, you could always edit the source code of the plugin and build it to use %. Thing is if no one ever sticks to the officially sanctioned way of escaping JIDs, then client writers are not likely to switch like they should. =D In theory, the JAJC people should update their code to handle JID escaping properly as explained in XEP-0106. (I spoke with Peter St. Andre about this and he clarified that % was not the proper way to be doing this and pointed me at using JID escaping as well)

Just a thought, since you have code that works both ways can’'t you just add a property like gateway.use.percent.hack=true to control the behavior?

Eh… ok =) GATE-168

Thank you.

I’‘ll drop a note on JAJC’'s forums about XEP-0106 to see if they can add support for it as well.