Changes to GoogleTalk

I’ve noticed a big change in the GoogleTalk gateway:

A disco#info result used to return the type attribute as “gtalk”, but now it returns it as “xmpp”.


<identity category=“gateway” type=“xmpp”…

This seems to conflict with the “xmpp” gateway which also has a type of “xmpp”

Was this intentional, or just an oversight? I think a lot of clients key off of the “type” attribute to determine the gateway type.

Is it possible to fix this in the code, or is there a setting?


Actually the gtalk was just a stub in place temporarily until I could fix some functionality. gtalk is not an official gateway type, as stated in However, it -is- just another “xmpp” gateway. It’s just got some different features. I shouldn’t have called it gtalk to begin with, but I didn’t have a better way at the time. It’s name will be, just it’s disco info type will be xmpp, which should be proper.

Sometime in the future there will be possibility for a -lot- of xmpp services to be set up, same with irc and such.