Changing Broadcast from Administrator alert display?


Since uprading to Spark 2.6.2 (currently running 2.6.3) all of my email notifications have been displaying with very intrusive Broadcast from Administrator pop-ups in which I am forced to stop what I am doing and click on Close for each notification. The old alerts that would display briefly in the bottom right corner were much better. I assumed that this new feature was due to the inclusion of the Roar plugin. I disabled the Roar plugin, but the intrusive pop-up alerts are still occuring. How do I change this to a less intrusive alert?



I am needing help with the same issue. Very annoying popup.

Thanks for anyone who can help.

by Default Server-Broadcast get their own JFrame containing theMessage

also HTML tags like can be used

if you want server broadcasts handled like every other messageincluding transcripts

set this to true


this has nothing to do with roar, roar only does popups for received messages

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Thanks, Wolf! That fixes the annoying popup. Is there a way to go back to the old style of notifications where it displays in the bottom right corner briefly and fades away? Setting BROADCAST_IN_CHATWINDOW to true gets rid of the annoying popup but the notifications still show up, well, as a chat window, which still requires me to stop what I’m doing and close the window.

Broadcasts sent form the administrator always were in a form of regular message. It shows it as a popup if you send a broadcast from Spark and select the Alert type.

Prior to Spark 2.6.2, email message alerts (from other IM services) would show up in the lower right corner of the screen and fade away after a couple of seconds without requiring the user to close them. Maybe these email message alerts weren’t sent as Broadcasts from the Administrator prior to Spark 2.6.2? Either way, I’m just trying to get back to the old way Spark used to display these email alerts. The new way is very intrusive as it flashes in the task bar and requires the user to close the window for every new email alert that comes in.

Ok. I can confirm your issue. Here’s the story:

Prior to Spark 2.6.2. If you would receive a new email on one of your gateways (Gmail, Hotmail), Kraken plugin would notify you, if you have email notifications enabled. As Kraken plugin is a part of the system, such notifications were going as system/administrator broadcasts. Also they were of an Alert type, so they were showing as a toast popup only.

After the Spark 2.6.2. System/administrator broadcast has been changed to look like a dialog window with an OK button. Also there is an option BROADCAST_IN_CHATWINDOW which will let one set system broadcasts to look like messages in the chat window (NO MATTER THE TYPE).

So, currently there is no option to make email notifications look like toast popups. The best way would probably be to replace BROADCAST_IN_CHATWINDOW option with something like ORIGINAL_BROADCASTS_LOOK. So if that is set to TRUE, then message broadcasts would show up as messages and alert broadcasts would show up as popups (whether toasts or roar popups). That’s up to Wolf or someone else to consider and maybe change. So far you can just disable the mail notifications. Personally i see no point to have them as it only distracts and my email client is always on and checking all of my accounts already.

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wr00t, thanks for the explanation. How do we go about submitting this as an official issue/request?

Well, i have filed this as SPARK-1415 but Wolf is not actively working on Spark anymore and i don’t know when and who will look into this.