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Changing Group Chat History Settings through Openfire

Changing the Group Chat History Settings through Openfire does not appear to give consistent behaviour. We have upgraded to the latest Openfire installation and have changed these settings to not show any room message history. Yet when I login through Spark I can see any room messages that have been written before I joined.

The behaviour doesn’t seem to be consistent, how long should it take for these changes to apply on the openfire server? Would someone be able to test this with the latest spark and openfire to see if they get different results?



Could this be anything to do with it?:

in LocalMucRoom joinRoom…

if (historyRequest == null) {

Iterator history = roomHistory.getMessageHistory();

while (history.hasNext()) {

joinRole.send((Message) history.next());



on first read this seems to suggest that if no explicit historyRequest is made, history is retrieved anyway without consulting the Group Chat History Settings.