Changing MUC User Role

I am using the Current OpenFire with a heavily modified Pandion Client. There seems to be an error in the way Pandion handles Conference rooms. I am an admin and am unable to grant roles via the client to a member in a room

This is the code it sends when I try to set a member as an owner



Is this something that is not supported (I think it is though since I think you can in spark)? Or is this just an issue with the IQ it is calling? If so, how should it be changed

Hi jeffk,

I am not positive, but I believe error 400 is from a malformed XML stanza or something that can’t be processed. Maybe you have some ‘strange’ characters in your stanza? Could you attach your XML debug rather than pasting it?


I am in the chatroom when sending that request. The stanza is just as it is show here (minus the html formatting that has been added to this forum)

This does work


This does not:



jid="" affiliation=“owner”/>

They are essentially the same querys with different ‘affiliations’ so I am confused as to why it wont work.


What is your JIDs role in the room?


in the above example it is (domain altered for this formum)

Are you setup as the MUC overall admin, or explicitly as the local room admin?


I am an Openfire Admin, Conference Admin and Owner of the room. All with the same JID so I cannot see it being an access issue.

Does anyone have any insight on this? It is weird that I can add or demote someone but not increase their role. Is there something I am missing?


Sorry, me again and probably not helping you much anyway, are you able to use a client like Exodus to accomplish these tasks? Perhaps something is up with Pandion?


It could be a pandion issue but I am not sure where. I can send IQ packets through their admin console so I know the packet is correct. I will try a couple of other programs to rule it out

I appreciate all your help.

Ok Tried Exodus and Miranda.

I can make someone a Moderator but it seems to only be on a session bases (leaving and coming back the user is back to being a member)

I cannot make someone an Admin (get at 400 error)

I cannot make someone an Owner (get at 400 error)