Changing offline state


Im doing a project with Instant Messenger and im using Jive to do it.

The project to do site, and in the site, you will be able to talk with other people that is in the site and in cell phone.

The thing is, you can send a message to someone that is in the cell phone ( SMS ), and the person will not have a connection with jive.

What do you guys suggest ?

I was thinking im making a plugin, but i dont know if its possible to do such a thing.



Are you thinking about sending a message over SMS if the person is offline?

Yes, and if the person in SMS wants to answer, it would be possible too.

The person will not be “offline”, it will be SMS-Online, in my database.


In Messenger, if a user is “offline” then no messages will be delivered. You can look at the transports subproject in SVN. There’‘s a generic gateway project that helps keep “legacy” or foreign users sync with the server. There’'s an example called “LoopbackGateway” that provides a minium effort in order to get a gateway working.


Is any body implement this type of solution.


I am able to implement this type solution. In this When a user selects I’m sms while closing his messenger. I send some diffrent type of presence notification to his friends.



This is not according to XMPP… So client need some modifcation to hadle this.

and I add a logic in OfflineMessageStrategy to send to message in sms. based on user setting.