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Changing openfire context

I want to make openfire available at http://my.host:9090/openfire for the purpose of proxying.

In case of fisheye this was as simple as

What’'s the way to do the same with openfire?


I to would greatly appreciate any information on performing this. The company I work for uses Apache Proxying for many of it’'s customers, and in each case it is a pain to no be able to associate a context for placing the application.




I guess that you want to use http://my.host/openfire to access Openfire as it would make little sense to proxy from port 9090 to port 9090. I’'ve seen no solution but maybe you can use a sub domain like http://openfire.my.host/ and use it to proxy to http://openfire:9090/. With a simple redirect from http://my.host/openfire to http://openfire.my.host/ this should be working.


Yes, that’‘s the way I’‘ve set this up for now, but that’'s no good.

I prefer to collect all the services available from outside behind https under a single domain, e.g. https://adm.host.com/admin1, https://adm.host.com/admin2, etc.

This doesn’‘t work with Openfire (I’‘m not considering enhanced proxying that usually leads to various bugs) and it’'s ugly to use a dedicated ip for Openfire as well.


with a wildcard (*.example.com, not CA certifiacte) certificate you can use one IP address for multiple hosts. It’'s much more easy to handle many back-end application servers as they can all use their normal context.


Does it have anything to do with the initial question?!