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Changing the Server / Suse Linux -> Ubuntu


i am running openfire on a suse linux box.

Now i like to migrate on a new server running with ubuntu 6.06.

What do i have to pay attention to sth? Can i easily “update” the new openfire install like described in here ?

E.g. “Copy old certificates from resources/security/ to same location in openfire”?

Or shouldn`t i do that because it is a “new” system with a different os?

Thank you.

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I would say yes. I do that to create a copy of openfire on a test server. I even copied the certs over and they seemed to work. but I was using the tar.gz install, it should work if you switch from a rpm to deb install to, just copy over needed files.

Thanks for that!

Everything is working great. In my mind more stable