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Changing the spark ui?

Any pointers on changing the actual UI of the client. My boss would like to rebrand with our own rounded border window and more freedom in image size etc.

Where is that information set in spark.

Most importantly Im looking at how to change the actual app window.



Hi Rob,

A good place to start would be to look at the Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark document.

Hope that helps,

Hi Ryan,

Yeah I’ve been through that and it was helpful, but it doesnt really cover more advancde things. Specifically the window ui. Obviously you can use the system look and feel but in this case I have a design I need to conform to provided by my boss.

In some digging I found that spark uses Swing for the UI but this is hardly a strength of mine, any pointers towards making the changes (files where this is set up etc) would be awesome and very much appreciated.

Thanks for the response though…sometimes things never get answered in the forum


Hi Rob,

In order to make the sort of changes you describe you’ll have to work with Swing and if you’re not very familiar with that API you’re going to have a pretty steep learning curve by jumping into a somewhat sophisticated application like Spark. You’ll probably just have to keep reading through the code and doing a lot of trial and error. It sounds like you know enough to navigate through the code so that’s a good start.

Good luck,