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Changing the URL of a plugin


I installed on my wildfire server the Red5 plugin.

To use it, I have to go to http://localhost:9090/red5.

How can I do to change the URL in http://localhost:9090/myred5 (or another one)?

I tried:

  • renaming red5.war and red5 directory in myred5.war and myred5


  • creating a new plugin: I copied red5 files into a new directory, changed plugin.xml and rebuilt all using ant and copied jar file into wildfire/plugins.

Nothing to do

I always have this error message:




Can someone help me?

Ciao Marco,

Plugins can be renamed but some may fail while other will still work. For those plugins where the name of the plugin is hardcoded in a JSP page or the code then renaming them won’‘t work. I don’'t know if Red5 has its name hardcoded or not. Anyway, the process for renaming a plugin is the following.

  1. Stop the server (just to avoid other possible problems)

  2. Rename the [xxxx].jar file to [yyyyy].jar file in the plugins folder. Make sure to keep the .jar extension.

  3. Delete the old created directory where the jar file was expanded

  4. Restart the server


– Gato


Gato is right. It is hardcoded. See Red5Plugin.java

public static final String NAME = “red5”;

You can change it and recompile.

In the next version, I will make it a property that can be configured from the Admin console web page.


Thanks a lot!!!