Changing the User Settings storage path

I’m testing out Openfire/Spark in our small environment, and for some reason the Spark client won’t start for any users (all machines are XP SP2). The very first line in the local C:\Program Files\Spark\logs\error.log might have a clue: Couldn’t get lock for \\user\mbell\Spark\logs\errors.log

We have all user profile/settings stored centrally on the server and exposed using DFS shares, which may be the root cause.

Is there any way to change the path that the user settings are stored?

i didnt check the error log on mine, but i had a couple issues… i had to give full rights to domain users on there computer, for me thats not much of an issue. and not sure if we are having the same problem.

Do the users have the rights to modify their own profile. Spark needs to create a folder in each user’s profile to store their individual settings.

Thanks for the replies:

Users have full rights over their profile and are admins on the local machines.

Very interesting how it is saving the config data. My profile path in AD is set to


but Spark wants to store data in \\user\mbell\Spark\ without the profile folder.

As a test I created the a Spark directory in \\user\mbell\ and shared it out using DFS, so Spark is able to write settings to \\user\mbell\Spark\

Strange that it ignores the Profile folder from the users profile path, but the workaround seems to get by that hurdle. Now it has an error on loading the spelling dictionary file:

SEVERE: Error in spell checker \\user\mbell\userdic.tlx (Access is denied)

Again, the profile folder isn’t shown in the full path, thus the userdic.tlx file isn’t created as the users doen’t have write access to that level of the folder tree.