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Changing version of Java


I just got Openfire working (latest version 4.0.3) on Server 2012 R2 . I installed the latest Java from Oracle 8 u102 and I used the Openfire installer that contains the JRE. So I have a few questions:

  1. How can I verify which Java I am using?

  2. Java often has vulnerabilities, so if I reinstall Java how can I tell Openfire the path to a new Java?

I was not sure how to use the zip version so that’s why I used the EXE. I essentially want Openfire to ONLY use the Java I installed and I want to delete

the packaged one.

Thanks in advance.


To check what version of Java is used, go to Admin Console. It shows the version it uses on the first page.

To make it use other Java installed on the system, stop Openfire and delete the jre folder from the Openfire installation folder. Start Openfire.

To be fair, most of the Java vulnerabilities are in its browser add-on, which shouldn’t affect Openfire. Some might.

Okay thank you, I am using the Java I installed it looks like. So I can get rid of the canned one. The point about Java is security scans

will flag vulnerable Java so I need to be able to install new versions to mitigate the vulnerability.