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Changing XMPP domain on Openfire without loosing rosters


I have recently migrated my openfire server to a new box as there was issues on the old one, this has worked fine and everyone can connect but the XMPP domain etc is wrong.

I have run tests and can run a script to update this (attached) that searches for the old address and replaces (effectivly its a find and replace)

this works and i can login and the certificates can be re-generated but all rosters are lost. any idea how I can do this process but keep rosters in tact as they are important to keep.

mysql.php.zip (1681 Bytes)

fixed it myself.

heres what you do.

change the [setup] variable in openfire.xml to false

restart the service and re-run config entering new servername.

run the php script i attached before to update database entries and it will update rosters rather than remove them,