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Chat Cancelled Today!

Hey all,

I’‘m extremely sorry, but the server is acting up today and not letting people in for the chat. Therefore, please consider the chat cancelled. We’‘ll do our best to get all these issues fixed for next week’'s chat.



that’‘s strange:) So i was probably dreaming i’‘m chating with MnMs:) Yes, servers like to go down:( Hey, but that’'s ok for system administrators, they have their job to do (and get money for this):slight_smile:

Yes wroot you were dreaming of me… and that scares me…

Of course if you were dreaming of M&Ms with new caramel centers which i am pushing Mar Company to distribute, well, then you RULEZ!

P.S. If you went in with a client and not the web interface you could get in and WE HAD PIE! Ummm, PIE!

Hey guys,

So, some people managed to get into the chat (even though I couldn’'t). Gato recorded the history so I attached a transcript. Again, our apologies to everyone that had problems joining.