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Chat can't reply from Jitsi Meet app?

I have installed the Openfire Meetings plugin (the 0.9.9 version) and run a few test meetings and the audio and video portions worked great. One thing I noticed that didn’t work great was in-meeting chat. If I wrote from the browser on the desktop, it could be seen on the Jitsi Meet app on iOS, but any attempt to send chat from the Jitsi Meet app failed with a blank reason. I’ve tried searching but come up empty. AM I missing something simple? Thanks in advance.

Probably not. It feels like a bug to me. However, I don’t have an IOS device to reproduce it :frowning:

Thanks. I have not yet tried the Jitsi Meet Android app but hopefully later tonight I can. Personally I am astounded at how well this works, it feels at least equal to and maybe even better than Zoom. You developers really did top notch work on this.