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I have created a group chat room but inside OpenFire it shows “Chats (0/0)”. How do I get it to show correctly?

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Craig Brass

Where have you created that room (in client, in Administration Console)? Where exactly do you see “Chats 0/0”? Because there is no such description in Admin Console > Group Chat > Room Administration > Room Summary. Maybe you mean “0/0” is showing in Users column of that room in Room Summary? This means that currently there is no occupants and this room has settings for Unlimited number of occupants.

I created the room in Administration Area -> Group chat.

The Chat (0/1) appears in the client (in this case Pidgin).

As i understand, Chats is the default Pidgin’s group for conferences. It is not auto-populating with new rooms. You have to add rooms here with Buddies > Add Chat menu. It shows Chats (0/0) when there are no chats or other contacts in that group.