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Chat doesn't work with WLAN or Mobil WAN

Main Informations:

Server Hoster Strato with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Openfire 4.1.1

PC Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Psi+

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Xabber 1.0.30


Mobil Provider telefonica

Hello cummunity.

I’ve a Problem with my new openfire installation. At first, sorry my english isn’t the best.

I used 4 years openfire on vps ubuntu, with xabber for mobile phone (samsung galaxy s4) and psi+ on my local linux pc.

Now was crashed storage system on my hoster.

The currently constellation can you see on the top.

I installed all new and all was fine. I insert all users and tested some connections. I maked conversations with other users. It worked great. I was happy!

Ok - the configuration, installation and tests have i do from my Home PC. But primary use all my users smartphones with xmpp client software. With my old openfire 3.8.x I’ve never problems.

A smartphone can used wlan or mobil wan (different networks) . Nobody can currently useful communicate with others. Messages will lost or comes to late.

I searched two days - but i found only one logical information:

I can send some users message with wlan (one ip) but i can only recieved with mobil wan connection (other ip). I see on my openfire server, the communications from one to the other client. To other users can i only send messages over mobile wan and recieve over wlan connection.

JID, Ressource and so on is every time the same, only the ip is changing by the users or me.

In Attachment you can see a little diagram with my problem.

I don’t understand what here happens.

Has anyone the same problems?

Has anyone a workaround to better analyze this problem?

Or has anyone a solution for me?

My personal oppinion, because all messages on server comes in, openfire take for the internal identification not only JID, Ressource also will used the ip address.

And also i think the problems has nothing to do with this thread: https://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/54554

Finally, please don’t angry, if i postet wrong: perhaps searched on the wrong way here - but i’m only a passionate openfire user - but i’m not a hardcore openfire guru.

Xabber has problems with the latest versions of Openfire Xabber Delivering only one way chat As Xabber is not updated for a long time, you are probably better to look for some other mobile client (e.g. Conversations).

Hello wroot,

thanks for your quick answer. I thank you very much. I’ll test your recommendation and come back with a feedback.

Hello wroot,

your informations was great. I send my answer a little late - but i’ve tested a long time - all features with “conversations” are great! I like it!

Have a nice Time