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Chat features - send messages to every client logged doesn't work

Hello all,

Server: Openfire 3.7.1

I enabled this features:

route.all-resources - Enable routing of messages to base JID to every client logged in with the same base JID (different resources) and the same (highest) priority

When I am logged in from my PC and phone and session are both with the same priority(1) messages are not send to both devices, only to one.

So, I suppose this features doesn’t work at all.

Any feedback and instruction are accepted.

Thank you in advance.

I’ve just investigated into this issue too.

I’ve logged in with the same account but two different resources.

Both have priority 0.

First, my messages were only send to the most recent resource.

Then I added route.all-resources = true to the properties, and didn’t even restart Openfire and it suddenly worked: Both resources received messages, which were sent to the bare JID.

Main point here is **base/bare **JID. If someone is sending a message to yourjid@server/PC, then no matter what the routing rule is, only the PC resource will get a message.

Every time i see messages in the forums about this rule not working, i test, and it always works in my tests with a number of clients. But only, if i send a message to a bare JID. Usually when you do a reply a client is not sending a message to a bare JID, but sends it to a particular resource it got the first message from.