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Chat from conference room

Hi all,

I have noticed that if I initiate a chat with a user from a conference room, I get a different chat session than if I initiate the chat from the user list

(I am using spark as chat client, I am not 100% sure where this issue belongs)


start a chat with user Frank, a chat window opens simply titled ‘Frank’

now, if I start a chat with the same user Frank from the list of users joined to the ‘Lounge’ room, I get a different window (with no history) titled ‘Frank - Lounge’

Is this the expected behavior from Openfire/Spark? Any way to force the chat with the same users to open in a single window?

Thanks for your help!

Update: I’ve even noticed that 1:1 chats initiated from the conference room do not get archived!

I’ve enabled archiving on all messages on the server, for both reference and security purposes:

Archive one-to-one chats (checked)

Archive group chats (checked)

As far as I understand, this should make all conversations archived.

Is this a bug, or is it something obvious I am missing??

The issue is arising from the way Spark is initiating the chat from the chatroom. Here’s how Spark behaves:

The one-to-one chats from the buddy list are from user1@server to user2@server. Openfire is able to archive these messages.

The private chats initiated from the chatroom user pane are from chatroom@conference.server/user1 to chatroom@conference.server/user2. Openfire is unable to archive these messages.

I feel like the issue is Spark rather than the Openfire Server (for instance, with the right settings on the server, Pidgin behaves as you would expect: chats initiated from the chat room user pane are one-to-one and are archived), however I haven’t come across anything yet where the Spark devs have stated if this is the intended behavior.