Chat history and boomarks not saved on disconnect or windows shutdown


I’'ve experienced some issues and I can easiest describe them in steps to reproduce. The first concerns bookmarks to conferences that seems not to be saved when disconnected:

  1. I am online using Spark.

  2. I add some bookmarks to conference rooms to my “Conferences” tab.

  3. Later I get disconnected due to network failiure.

  4. When reconnected my bookmarks are gone (only those added in 2).

Another issue concerns offline chat history that seems to disappear if I shutdown window without exiting Spark first:

  1. I am online using Spark.

  2. I send a chat message to an offline user.

  3. I shutdown windows without exiting Spark first.

  4. I start windows and Spark and login to Spark.

  5. I open a chatwindow to the user I sent the message to in 2.

  6. The history of my messages is not there. Previous messages is threr however, and if the user replied to me (offline) after my offline messages, those are there too.

I can reproduce these with Spark 2.0.4.

I hope these are easy to reproduce (and fix). Thanks for a great application,


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Am I the only one with this problem?

Today, I had to restart my computer, and I did so without exiting Spark first. After restarting windows all chat history since last time Spark was started was gone.

I use Spark 2.0.4.


At this point, Spark does most of it’‘s saving on shutdown, but it’'s a great request to do it more on a timer.

I’'ve filed two issues

SPARK-404 and SPARK-405 will fix these issues.



Hi Derek,

Thanks a lot! The’'ve got my vote