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Chat history migration

Hello Teams,

Our company has been migrated to new one company, we have changed Spark Server name,
Before server name abc and now we change as xyz

I have seen all user’s profile make new folder as username@xyz in Spark default path and older history was in username@abc

So now we are facing issue like… Spark dont show older history…

Kindly suggest me what is the solution for get back all history for all users…


How exactly have you changed the name of the server? Did you change the xmpp.domain property in system properties? Did you delete the users and created them again or just logged in in Spark using new domain name? Have you left old user folders in place (username@abc)?

Try on one client:

  • Exit Spark
  • Delete new folder username@xyz (if you already had chats, you will lose new history since the renaming of your server; if this is important, save the username@xyz\transcripts folder)
  • Rename username@abc to username@xyz
  • Run Spark and change domain to xyz (it will show abc, if auto login is enabled, it will fail to login and will show an error)
  • Login with xyz domain
  • Check one contact you know there should be some history
  • Most probably it won’t show any history
  • Exit Spark
  • Go to username@xyz\transcripts and rename one of the username1@abc and username1@abc_current with xyz domain.
  • Run Spark and see if history for that user is showing again
  • If this works, you will have to do this for every user and every history file

If you have saved a backup of new history since the renaming and want to have it also, then this is more complicated as you can’t just copy the files to transcripts folder as they will have the same names as old ones. In that case you can also open old xml files and append the content of new ones to the bottom. This can get messy.