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Chat history of file transfer misses after exiting the chat window

The chat history of a file transfer vanishes after exiting the chat window, the file is saved in the destined path though.
Any inputs will be a great help… thanks in advance.

This is by design. File transfer is peer to peer and after file transfer is complete the connection is closed and there is no way to redownload same file without other party resending it again. Therefore there is not much use in saving file transfer history and it was never planned.

Thank you for the reply & clarification wroot, really appreciate it…

A dead message like file uploaded (if sent by me) or file received (if sent by other side) would be helpful while searching the chat history… just a thought.

I’m not objecting it. If someone provides a patch it can probably be added. But original developers didn’t thought it is important.

no concerns, I can understand. Keep up the good work guys… :+1: waiting for the next release…

It won’t be soon… There are no active developers (i’m not a dev) and there are a few issues with 2.9.0.