Chat history via smack


I am archiving chat histories on my openfire server using Monitoring Service plugin.

Is it possible to request history data from my openfire server using smack. I’ve been able to find monitoring service create new db table called ofMessageArchive. maybe I can get an access to this table using smack interface?

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It’d possible to access the Monitoring plugin data via smack but you’d have to either modify the plugin (or write your own) to expose the data which would typically be done via IQ packets. On the Openfire side of things take a look at the IQTimeHandler and the TIme IQ packet on smack for an idea of how to use IQ packets.

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As I understand I need to write local service on server’s side (likely plugin) which will be working with the openfire content and exchange the data with smack client via IQ packets.


Any one can tell me how can i access archived message at client side with the help of smack library. I am unable to pick up any api which can perform the required job. please share any view or any link from where i can get the solution to retrieve the chat archived at client hand.