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Chat history

can someone view your chat history on spark even if disable history was selected?

The server can be set to log chats as well. The spark chat history is a local log only and does not follow from computer to computer.

Sorry to bring up such an old thread but its on the track of what I’m looking for.

I did not configure spark I was recently introduced to it but a user of mine has checked off the “disable history” on their personal account. where can I look on the server (if it is there at all) to find their logs?? and if it hasnt already been configured on the server how can I configure it now? if I do configure it now will history begin showing up the users chat? im afraid we ahve to be sneaky about this and i dont want them notcing anything has changed on their account but I need their chat history…ideas thoughts???

You need to install the monitoring plugin if you are using the correct version of openfire for it to work (3.6.x). No the client won’t know you are doing it. there is no way to monitor just one person.

can you provide me the link for this? I can seem to locate it right away

Go to your openfire admin webpage (http://yourserveraddresshere:9090). Click on the plugins tab the the link for available plugins. Install monitoring service.

It appears that I have version so that may not be available… am I able to install 3.6.x over it without having to reconfigure it to make it work? or will this require a new installation and reconfiguring everything? I’m just worried about getting this update and then instead of moving forward having to recreate everything (which i definitely do now know how to do because i didnt create it in the first place)… I guess what im looking for are known issues with installing the update? on a 2003 x64 server?

Thanks for all of your help it goes much appreciated!!

Please do me a favor and start your own discussion as this is getting more complex with each post.

Hi how are you? I have a question about chat history. I am using spark and I disable the history in my chat window. My questions are

Is there a way that the chat history can be checked eventhough I disable it?

I am using godaddy domain and server… can history can be retreived eventhouth I have it disable?

Thank you very much for your info.


If message auditing is turned on then messages are saved in the logs files (/openfire/logs) or with Monitoring Service messages can be stored in Openfire database.